Kate Upton Fully Naked Pictures

Kate Upton Fully Naked

Kate Upton Fully Naked Frontal Shot Tits & Pussy

The barely legal model with huge tits and angelic face madness is still on. She’s here to stay, and the way I see it she’ll be bigger than google in no-time. Here are the first ever Kate Upton Fully Naked photos. Those pictures are making all the other nude bikini models look like absolute trash. A Kate Upton sextape is on the way but sources are saying that even though she always wanted to be a porn star, she’s not sucking cock on film. It’s all about her tits bouncing, isn’t it?!

PS: I’m loving Kate’s fat pussy!


Kate Upton Topless no bra frontal picture

So lately Kate’s majestic body is covering hundreds of pages online and in the print. She’s on everyone’s lips, and especially minds – teenagers can’t wait to get home and lock themselves in the bathroom to  masturbate to death to her innocent yet daring look. Old men buy the little blue pill so they can get it hard and rub one out to Kate.

The amazing blonde recently got rejected by Victoria’s secret for being “too fat”. If you’re calling big boobs fat, you have an issue. Not saying Kate has a supermodel body, but times change and tastes change. Maybe it’s time to start promoting models with full bodies and meat on them, just like Kate Upton. Do you Agree?

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